Cyber Security for Superyachts

Remain cyber safe, secure, protected and resilient from cyber-attacks and threats.

Cyber security for superyachts

Criminals use cyber-attacks as a tool to gain access to Superyachts & their owners directly or through any of the business that have a digital association.


What are the implications of a cyber-attack and why should you be aware of cyber threats?

Criminals could access yacht management systems such as propulsion, GPS and navigation. Unauthorised control of these systems could lead to damage to the yacht, harm to individuals on board and/or leverage the use of the yacht for nefarious activity.


Cyber-attacks can come in many forms and can be used to access superyacht systems. Monetary theft is a goal of most criminals. Access to data that is stored or communicated on a superyacht, may provide access to steal assets or intercept financial transactions.


Personal Information that is accessible can be used in a sinister manner with the aim of discrediting the reputation and/or exploiting the owner, associates and dependants. This can have a further impact the affiliated yacht management or charter company.

Personal Information


Criminals may use a single or multiple cyber technique to achieve their aims.
Intelligence gathering
Coercion & extortion
Phishing attacks
eavesdropping attacks
Man in the middle attacks
Denial of service
GPS spoofing


Who Presents a Threat to a Superyacht

Cyber Threats

Owners & guests

Business Associates


Wifi Network


Does Comprehensive Cyber Security Consider?
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