Where privacy and security is non-negotiable CSS Platinum Deliver

We are here to help you keep your business safe and secure, whenever and wherever you need it.

Cyber Security for Business

We are here to help you keep your business safe and secure, whenever and wherever you need it.

Cyber Security for Superyachts

Remain cyber safe, secure, protected and resilient from cyber-attacks and threats.

Cyber Security for Private Jets

Did you know, even at 40,000 feet you are still at risk?
Let CSS Platinum, protect you wherever you are.

Maritime Cyber License

A trained crew is a safe crew! Create a cyber-savvy culture onboard with Maritime Cyber License.

Crew Check

How well do you know your crew? Protect what is valuable, let CSS Platinum help.


In a digital age, cyber-attacks can be used as a powerful tool to harm businesses, individuals and their assets, causing significant disruption and damage to what is valued most. CSS Platinum help High Net Worth Clients, and the businesses that support them, by offering bespoke services to protect them from cyber-attacks. Survive in the digital economy – let CSS Platinum use our experience and knowledge to support and safeguard what is important to you.

Our services

Cyber Security for Super Yachts

Cyber Security for Private jets

Cyber Security for Business

Maritime Cyber Risk Management

Maritime Cyber License

Crew Check

Why work with us?

Where resilience, security and privacy are non-negotiable, trust CSS Platinum to deliver.


Our comprehensive cyber security programme covers all components, including: governance, people, training, technical controls and insurance


We make sure our clients understand the cyber threats they face and what is required to build informed and robust cyber resilience


Comprehensive cyber security and clients who understand the threats they face and how to manage them ensures maximum cyber resilience

Our Team

Our team has former experience in the British Military, US Department of Defence, NATO and City of London Police veteran. Together we have over 45 years’ experience in the cyber security and data protection of high value corporate and top-secret intelligence data. CSS Platinum team welcome your queries and feedback, we hope to work with you.
cyber security mike wills
Mike Wills
Director of Strategy and Data Services Mike is the Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer of CSS Platinum. Mike retired as a British Army Major in 2016, following a 20 year military career working in technical and information assurance roles including in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.
cyber security mike wills
Nick Pomponio
Director of Operations and Development Nick is a highly skilled business operations manager and technical specialist. Over more than a decade working on defence programs, military operations and financial management he has grown to be an acknowledged leader in global operations programs, logistic capabilities, corporate restructuring, organisational design, and post-acquisition integration.
cyber security charlotte riley
Charlotte Riley
Director, Information Security and Technology Charlotte has unparalleled knowledge and experience of Information Security and Technology built over 12 years in multiple roles in the field. Her proven expertise in Security Architecture, Consulting and Program Management stems from her vast experience in IT and Information Security, making her a widely recognised Security Leader.




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