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Crew Check

What is Crew Check?

CSS Platinum’s Crew Check Service uses industry-leading data search and AI tools to investigate all layers of the internet. Utilising open source and close sourced data systems, a full analysis and risk report provides a complete background check on an individual – highlighting any risk and providing mitigations on improvements to support the individual and the organisation.

Protect Superyachts & Maritime

Superyachts and Maritime vessels are prime targets for cybercriminal organisations – employees and human error are the highest risk factors in a cyber-attack. If personal data is accessible, it can be used to identify, target and manipulate individuals. This example of social engineering is one method used by cybercriminals to target the superyacht and maritime industry through associated individuals.

Why use
Crew Check?

As part of a complete cyber and data security strategy, CSS Platinum’s Crew Check detects any risk by performing deep and comprehensive web and data checks across millions of data feeds. Crew Check provides security, improved regulatory compliance and greater employee retention. Crew Check protects all parties and validates reputation for both employee and employer.

What will Crew Check provide?

Crew Check will identify information that is available or for sale, about a crew member across the internet, including all social and news platforms. Crew Check provides validation on data, providing analysis and reporting on any risks.

Dark Web

Dark Web Marketplace

Credit Card
Fraud Checks

Data Dump

Social Media


News &

Scan of Dark
Web Forums

Crew Check Overwatch

Crew Check + Overwatch

Utilising AI technologies, Crew Check Overwatch provides a 24/7 search and monitoring service that scans the internet and dark web for any changes to the profile of subscribed crew, employees and staff. Crew Check Overwatch incorporates the initial Crew Check 360 background report as part of an on-going monthly subscription. It provides a comprehensive report and on-going monitoring of an individual to give you security, compliance and peace-of-mind.

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Employees are the pillars of any organisation; it is through the potential and credibility of its people, that a company manages to reach its goals. It is significant for any organisation to understand the accurate identification of its recruits. Learn how our team at CSS Platinum have helped a range of maritime and superyacht clients gain the information to secure their people, technology, data and assets using Crew Check. Like to know more? Submit the form and one of our Crew Check specialists will contact you!

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    CSS Platinum is committed to protecting our clients from crime organisations targeting the maritime industry. Our consultants are ex-military professionals with extensive expertise in the protection of high value corporate and top-secret intelligence data.

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