CSS Platinum
Cyber Security Framework.

CSS Platinum Cyber Security for Superyachts and Maritime

End to end
security solutions.

CSS Platinum will guide you through the journey to achieve Cyber security, making sure that all aspects are considered and addressed. We make you #hardtohack.

Our services are built into our bespoke methodology framework that delivers the process, people, technology and compliance solutions necessary to achieve comprehensive and compliant digital security – we provide complete governance and compliance to protect you, your people and your most valuable assets from cyber-crime organisations.

CSS Platinum Methodology


Understand your digital footprint and where there is vulnerability or exposed risk.

CSS Platinum will help you understand what vulnerabilities your yacht, clients and organisation is facing. This is achieved by understanding what existing polices, processes and technology you have in place, what your digital profile looks like and where you hold vulnerabilities and risk.

Cyber Vulnerability & Risk Workshop

Pre-assessment to identify current cyber security protections

Crew Check

Gain deep background checks on your crew to identify what risks they present to you

Cyber Security Assurance Maturity Assessment

An in depth assessment of internal cyber security governance, policies, processes and network

Internet Targeting Report

A digital report of your public vulnerabilities

Supplier Due Diligence

Gain deep background checks on your suppliers to identify what risks they present to you

Penetration Testing

Identify what digital door and windows are open, unlocked and accessible by cyber-criminals

CSS Platinum Methodology


End to end security to protect our clients and their assets.

From the risk reporting and analytics our specialist security team will build an end to end security plan to deliver complete protection. Our triage priority plan will outline high-risk vulnerabilities through to business process and compliance. CSS Platinum deliver;

Governance and Accreditation

What gets planned, gets managed. Accreditations provide confidence and act as a marketable differentiator

Maritime Cyber Licence Training

Make sure your crew/team are a strength by mandating they maintain their maritime cyber licence

Threat Detect & Quarantine Platform

Cutting edge cyber artificial intelligence technology. Anti-virus, anti-malware and data theft prevention

Secure Device, Cloud & Collaboration Tools

Secure your devices and everyday email, communication & collaboration tools

CSS Platinum Methodology


On-going support and response systems.

CSS Platinum have industry leading support services for clients, from our 24/7 Security Operations Centre, to restore and recovery planning to ensure our clients reputations are always protected alongside work with insurance companies and regulators. CSS Platinum ensure our clients and their assets have the most comprehensive security available in the maritime industry.

IMO Cyber Risk Management Compliance

CSS Platinum wrote the criteria for key flagging states. We can deliver successful compliance

Security Operation Centre (SoC)

Your eyes in the digital sky. Monitored cyber security to enable rapid response

Cyber Insurance Consultancy

Not all policies are created equal – we conduct analysis to ensure our clients requirements are covered

Cyber Attack Response

Should your defences be breached, we make sure you are ready to minimise the scope and scale of the attack

Cyber Attack Restore and Recovery Plan

Once an attack is contained, recovery and restore gets business back online asap