Protect yourself from online criminals with Cyber Bodyguard .

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Invisible threats.
Real consequences.

Cybercrime is one of the biggest businesses globally, targeting high net-worth individuals and stealing billions.

Cybercriminals work in highly organised organisations; they will target high net-worth individuals using various techniques, which often go unnoticed, in coordinated reconnaissance campaigns that can last years.

It is not just individuals targeted, it is also those around them, from employees to families who will be a part of cybercriminal plans.

It is vital to check for indicators of any unwanted activities that could result in a risk to an individual’s safety, security, privacy or reputation. This includes protecting their family and those closest to them.

Protect yourself from online criminals with Cyber Bodyguard.

Cyber Bodyguard provides security and protection from online threats using industry-leading data search and AI tools to investigate all layers of the internet. Cyber Bodyguard will highlight and address any risks to the client and provide on-going 24/7 monitoring across millions of global data feeds. The client also has 24/7 access to their Cyber Bodyguard team if any security issue or concern arises.

How are cybercriminals targeting you?

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Your Devices

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Your Network

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Your Data

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1. Understand it

Assess your vulnerabilities.

An essential first step is understanding your current position. Our Cyber Bodyguard service will provide a full assessment of your business’ situation and potential vulnerabilities, identifying any risk areas and their severity.

Alongside our comprehensive assessment, we offer a range of in-depth intelligence driven checks designed to deep dive into areas of particular concern.

Our Cyber Bodyguard team also specialise in full technology reviews, working with you to understand any risks in your network, web applications and mobile apps that could leave you open to hackers.

2. Fix it

Bring your resilience up to speed.

Once your challenges and vulnerabilities have been understood, our Cyber Bodyguard team will work with you to remediate your risks and supercharge your resilience.

Cyber Bodyguard will help you meet your legal obligations and achieve good compliance, providing you with the tools, policies and frameworks you need to help you reduce your exposure to risk.

In regard to your technology, Cyber Bodyguard will provide technical defence solutions to ensure you’re protected against data and cyber attacks as well as meeting UK/EU GDPR and other regulations.

We provide support to help you build cyber and data security awareness and ensure you are resilient and safe.

3. Maintain it

Continuously protecting your business.

After fixing any initial issues, maintaining your resilience moving forward is essential. Cyber Bodyguard provides 24/7 monitoring across millions of global data feeds to keep you safe, resilient and continuously adapting to any new threats in the future.

4. Respond & recover quickly

Access expert support wherever and whenever you need it.

Data breaches and cyber attacks can occur at anytime. Our Cyber Bodyguard team are here to support you when you need us most. Accessible through our dedicated incident support line, we work with you to quickly assess the situation, helping you respond and recover as quickly as possible.

Protected by the best in the industry.

Cyber Bodyguard is delivered by superyacht and maritime cybersecurity experts, CSS Platinum.

CSS Platinum are an internationally recognised and trusted cybersecurity provider, they are also official security partner to both IYBA and ACREW.

The CSS Platinum cyber-security team has a unique blend of ex-military leaders who have, since leaving service, forged successful careers within corporate enterprises across the globe.

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