CSS Platinum
Cyber AI Platform.

Become cyber-secure on any ocean, anywhere in the world, even without an internet connection.

cyber AI platform

Protecting your assets & information.

The maritime and superyacht community are high-profile targets. With cyber threats growing in sophistication, it’s becoming critical to stay one step ahead in protecting the maritime communities clients and organisations.

Cyber AI technology as part of a cybersecurity strategy can ensure you protect yourself and stay ahead of cybercrime organisations.

Benefit from our
AI technology.

CSS Platinum Cyber AI Platform delivers end to end threat management, monitoring and response to secure your vessel, assets and information from cyber-attacks.

Anticipate AI driven attacks will become mainstream


Believe AI augmentation is necessary for cyber defense

Eliminate cyber risk.

  • Protects ship navigation and management systems from attack
  • Protects, detects, and autonomously responds to unpredictable cyber threats using Cyber AI.
  • Secures all entry points from a cyber-attack; peripheral, IoT and new onboard technologies
CSS Platinum Cyber AI Platform
  • Cloud
  • Saas
  • Email
  • IoT
  • Client
  • Network

Managing cyber
threat & response.

Cyber AI Analytics The technology is integrated into a vessel with analytics feeding into the CSS Platinum Security Operations Centre, which will provide 24/7 real time monitoring and response capability to the client’s assets and larger portfolio providing end to end management. Autonomous Threat Response Autonomous Threat Response not only detects threats but can intervene to stop them in their tracks. A game changer where some automated attacks can hit in just seconds taking swift, surgical action to stop the spread of in-progress cyber-attacks.

Claim your Cyber A.I. Platform FREE PoC

This free PoC (Proof of Concept) will demonstrate how the Cyber A.I Platform can protect your vessel and organisation from cyber threats.

Supported by the CSS Platinum team, the PoC offers no-hassle setup and no obligation to purchase. See the full functionality of the Cyber A.I platform and how in 95% of organisations CSS Platinum Cyber AI Platform finds genuine cyber-threats that have been missed.

  • Flexible delivery
    You can either install it virtually or with hardware.
  • Fast install
    Just 1 hour to set up – and even less for an email security trial.
  • Choose your journey
    Try out Cyber AI wherever you most need it — including cloud, network or email.
  • No commitment
    Full access and three bespoke Threat Reports, with no obligation to purchase.

    Your cyber-security task force.

    CSS Platinum is committed to protecting our clients from crime organisations targeting the maritime industry. Our consultants are ex-military professionals with extensive expertise in the protection of high value corporate and top-secret intelligence data.

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