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by | Oct 13, 2020 | Archive

CSS Platinum are delighted to announce their professional membership of the International Superyacht Society.

CSS Platinum Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Nick Pomponio says:

“We recognise the vital role that the ISS plays in representing the Superyacht industry and the work that they conduct in supporting their members. This is an organisation that we simply could not afford not to be involved with.”

As an international information security company with global reach, CSS Platinum helps businesses develop their cyber security, protect their data and become hard to hack. One area that we are particularly focussed on and committed to is educating the community about the clear and present threat that cyber-attacks present.

Charlotte Riley, CSS Platinum Co- Founder & Chief Technical Officer adds:

“The difficulty is that because cyber-attacks in the superyachts industry are not regularly reported, those yet to experience the embarrassment, pain, distress, worry and damage of a cyber-attack do not perceive it a problem. CSS Platinum has been leading the charge on education and thought leadership within the Superyacht and wider maritime industry for some time.”

CSS Platinum guide superyachts and the community of business that support them through the journey to implement cyber security, making sure that all aspects are considered and addressed. Our services are built into our bespoke methodology framework that delivers the process, people, technology and compliance solutions necessary to achieve comprehensive and compliant digital security – we provide complete governance and compliance to protect you, your people and your most valuable assets from cyber-crime organisations.

CSS Platinum are also consulting with a number of the leading Flag Registries to help them design the assessment criteria for the implementation of the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) Maritime Cyber Risk Management requirement as part of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. This initiative, being introduced in January 2021, is designed to make the industry more resilient to cyber criminality and keep those involved within the maritime community safer.

CSS Platinum Co- Founder & Chief Data Officer, Mike Wills says:

“We are passionate about keeping the community, our clients, their friends and families and their businesses safe and resilient to cyber criminals. Being a member of the ISS provides us with the opportunity to contribute to the Society’s efforts in strengthening the industry through promoting greater awareness of cyber criminality and cyber resilience.”

To learn more about CSS Platinum visit https://cssplatinum.com

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