6 simple steps to IMO compliance with CSS Platinum’s Quick-Start Service.

Quick-Start Service

What are the IMO regulations?

The IMO has recognised the urgent need to address escalating cyber threats in the maritime industry to ensure safe and secure shipping. On the 1st January 2021, the IMO implemented the Maritime Cyber Risk Management Regulations for superyachts that are chartered. You need to have addressed Cyber Risk Management by your next annual verification of compliance.

Proof and penalties.

Moving forward, evidence will need to be shown that a yacht or vessel has implemented cyber security risk management and that regulations are being followed as part of the yacht’s safety plan. The United States Coast Guard announced they will start enforcing the requirement for a cyber security plan from all yachts and ships over 500GT visiting US ports, regardless of flag. Additionally, penalties can be enforced including the detainment of the vessel for inadequate cyber security plans and non-compliance.
Quick-Start Service

Remove complexity with our IMO Quick-Start $2700.

CSS Platinum are advisors to the maritime community, including the flagging states. We provide an IMO Quick-Start Service that provides end-to-end frameworks and assets to build your cyber risk management plan and address IMO regulatory requirements.

CSS Platinum’s Quick-Start Service addresses the IMO regulations with a 6-step framework that delivers against Cyber Risk Management standards, providing compliance for your vessels. Package pricing from $2700.

6-Step Quick-Start Service


Auditing documentation for your organisation: Vulnerability Assessment Inventory Audit


Provision of governance plans: On-going management plans


Detail of training programs delivered : Security awareness Training plans


Provision of backup & recovery strategies: Backup & restore plan

Detect & Respond

Demonstrate how you manage cyberthreats: Incident & response plan

Risk Control

Documentation of remediations plans Cyber security risk report
CSS Platinum’s Quick-Start Service provides the key fundamentals to address IMO regulations with a 6-step framework and deliverables built against cyber risk management standards that provide compliance for your organisation and vessels.

Your IMO Cyber-Security Task Force.

CSS Platinum cyber security framework delivers against IMO cyber risk guidelines. Our specialist team work with the leading maritime associations and intermediaries to deliver a robust compliancy plan to meet IMO guidelines. Our dedicated IMO team can assess the vulnerabilities, liabilities and how to build a comprehensive cyber security plan to address them and future proof against all cyber security risks.
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Next steps.

We are happy to discuss our IMO Quick-Start Service with you in more detail. We can discuss how the service meets requirements, timescales and outcomes. Our dedicated IMO specialists will call or email you back at your discretion. Please fill in the form, and we will contact you within 24hours for a no-obligation discussion.