IYBA- Yacht Sales & the Law Seminar

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Archive

As an affiliate of the IYBA, CSS Platinum were delighted to support the Yacht Sales & the Law Seminar. Co-founder and chief data officer for CSS Platinum, Mike Wills specifically provided an insight into the threats of wire transfer fraud during the Superyacht transaction process.

He highlighted the wider threats of cyber criminality to the Superyacht Industry and some considerations yacht brokers need to be aware of during the sales process, namely;

“What is the risk of infection being onboard a Superyacht prior to delivery and how would you manage said risk?” And, “how do you assure a new owner that their newly purchased Superyacht is clean of cyber risks and infections?”

The discussion also focussed on what the new IMO Maritime Cyber Risk Management requirements are and the impact they may have on how a new owner wishes to use their yacht i.e for personal use/charter etc.

It was a pleasure to take part and you can watch the full Seminar (Day 2) here.


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