CSS Platinum
Protect Package.

Protect what is most valuable to you.

  • Owner, Family and Guests
  • Charter Clients
  • Superyacht Crew
  • Business Staff
  • Suppliers
  • Superyacht/Maritime Industry
  • Your brand and reputation

And ALL of their personal data.

Protect Package

Our methodology.

CSS Platinum’s Protect package provides 360 cyber protection in a security framework that protects you and your organisation in four key areas; Governance, People, Technology and Accreditation.

How we protect your organisation.

Protect governance.

CSS Platinum review all governance and provides planning, management and governance across your organisation.

Protect people.

Crew and staff are vital to an organisation; CSS Platinum provide training to protect organisations against human error.

Protect technology.

From dark web data search to AI monitoring; CSS Platinum implement industry-leading technologies for clients.

Protect accreditation.

Implement the tools to secure everything from cloud through to email and collaboration, including protecting every device and entry point.

CSS Platinum implemented a complete security protection package for us; the process was well-documented, and the implementations smooth. We have complete peace of mind that we are protected from cyber-attacks and compliant against industry regulations

What does a protect package provide you?


  • Data Protection Governance Documentation*
    • *GDPR regulatory obligation
  • Cyber Security Documentation
  • IMO Cyber Maritime Cyber Risk Management


  • Maritime Cyber Licence:
    • Cyber Awareness
    • Breach Awareness
    • Safe Devices
    • Safe Browsing
    • Safe Social Media
  • Crew Check
  • High Net-Worth Check


  • Penetration Testing
  • Artificial Intelligence Threat Detection
  • Digital Device Mapping


  • IASME Governance
  • Cyber Essentials (UK)
  • ISO 27001

Protected by the best in the industry.

CSS Platinum protect their clients from cyber-crime and organisations targeting the superyacht community.

Our cyber-security team has a unique blend of ex-military leaders who have, since leaving service, forged successful careers within corporate enterprises across the globe. A combination of best-in-class experience and expertise that is unrivalled when protecting our clients and their assets.

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    Dedicated to the Maritime Industry.

    CSS Platinum is a international cyber-security company dedicated to the maritime community; we are committed to protecting our clients from crime organisations targetting the superyacht and maritime industries.
CSS Platinum help our clients develop their cyber-security, protect their data and become hard to hack.

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