Cyber Security for Yacht Management Companies

Are you a target?

Yacht Management Companies deliver world-class services to international superyacht and maritime clients and understand that safety and security are critical.

Cybercrime is one of the biggest businesses in the world; targeting high net-worth individuals and stealing millions.

Unfortunately, the superyacht and maritime industries are prime targets for cybercriminals.

Why do cybercriminals target Yacht Management Companies?

To steal sensitive data

Yacht Management Companies hold large amounts of client, staff, corporate and commercial data. This could be stolen, held for ransom and/or resold to other cyber criminals on the dark web.

To identify and target your clients

Cyber criminals need a sales funnel. They are interested in all your superyacht owning clients and the business empires they may operate in order to maximize their chances of a successful cyber-attack.

To steal money

Significant numbers of financial transaction are received to and from yacht management companies. These payments present a lucrative opportunity to cyber criminals, who may try to intercept them.

To target your supply network

Your supply network may have a better client list than you. Cybercriminals will exploit you to access your trusted suppliers.

Keep your data safe

Without considered data protection and cyber security governance there is a risk to your business, people, clients, assets and ultimately you.

We are the cyber and data security experts for the Superyacht and Maritime industry.

Data Protection

Cyber Security


People & Processes

Make cyber security simple.

Understand it

Fix it

Protect it

Respond & recover

CSS Platinum are dedicated to the Superyacht industry

Trained the auditors for multiple flag states

Turnkey Yacht IMO and GDPR compliance solutions

Consulted with flag registries to develop policy

Contributed to BIMCO IMO Cyber Security working group

Architects of Cyber Security Program across 26 NATO member states

british marine
international superyacht society
isle of man maritime
international yacht brokers association
cyber essentials
armed forces covenant

When IYBA needed to nominate first rate security oversight for their digital platforms, CSS Platinum was the clear choice for us.

Paul Flannery
Executive Director, IYBA

We are delighted to partner with CSS Platinum, protecting and supporting the Maritime and Superyacht communities.

Onno Ebbens
Managing Director, ACREW

Next steps.

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